How often have you heard people say they saw death or when you die your life plays back in your mind, like a summary of an english essay. There seems to be an odd idea of what happens when you die, or while you in the process of dieing. I dont want to assume I know anything about death, I am still alive reader, and so are you , considering you reading this story. But it bares to question why humanity has so many misconceptions about things beyond our knowledge, beyond our understanding. Nevertheless, let me not worry you reader, as you well know Remo made a rather strong swerve, not to worry though, she was not dead, quite the contrary she was very much alive.

Remo opened her eyes and she looked at the pole she had hit. She looked around in her car and saw a few drops of blood on her dashboard and her steering wheel. The car was emmiting smoke. She saw her fone lying close to her right foot. She picked it up, figuring that she could hear a voice still speaking. ”Hello….Ms Shezi…are you there?” said the voice. ”Yes , I’m alright. I just had an accident. Could I call you another time, I need to call an ambulance.” she said rather coarsely, feeling the shock settle in on her. ”Ofcourse, as long as you alright. Goodbye.” The fone went quite. Remo started dialing numbers still in the car, reason she didnt go out the car was because her left foot was stuck, she couldnt feel it.

”Specks, Remo’s car has stopped moving.” ”Relax J, I’m sure she’s alright” remarked Specks, rather confident that nothing could be possibly wrong. Specks was busy contemplating his situation regarding Mpho. Since she left he hadn’t heard a word from her. She didn’t even say where she went. Specks was angry at himself , for even thinking about her. Jason, Keys and Kril where working on the hook part of the gig, setting up a virtual black market for stock trading. It needed a history of ‘transactions’, so Kenneth would believe this has been in existence for years. He picked up his phone and dialed Sesu’s number. She answered and chatted about their current well being, location and anything worth mentioning. He dropped the call after twenty minutes of conversation. When he looked at the time it was nearing six and considering the time estimated for Remo’s return, she was two hours late.

”J, try get ahold of Remo.” ”Sho” replied Jason,while dialing the number. Someone answered and Jason caught a fright, he looked at Specks with a look of worry. ”Owk thank you. We will arrive there in an hour. Yes. Thank you again.” Jason dropped a phone and his face looked grave. ”Specks, Remo is in hospital. She got into a car accident. She is alive but a bit banged up. They’ve got her in the recovery ward.” As soon as Jason finished talking Specks was hunting for the car keys. In a jiffy they were out the door, Kril and Keys staying behind.

They reached the hospital in forty minutes due to Specks speeding flight. They walked in and where directed to where Remo was held. When they got there Jason Opted to just look through the window at Remo, stating he doesn’t like the hospital much. Specks was puzzled, considering it was Remo in there, he decided to enquire about this nosocomephobia later. He went in and closed the door. Remo was slighty awake, so when Specks touched her hand she rised awake by leaning on the big pillow.

‘Nako, so glad to see you” she said, rather sickly. Specks fliched as if he was being given the pain. ”The nurse said your leg is a bit injured, but you’ll be fine.” he replied looking at her with worry in his eyes. ”Yeah, they told me, and they told me something else.” ”What else did they tell you?” he asked rather anxious. ”They…well, mmmm I didn’t know it would be this difficult.” she stattered. ”Remo, talk to me. It’s me.” he took her hand in his and kissed it. ”Well, Nako, I’m pregnant. And considering you the only guy I’ve slept with since I joined the crew.” she whispered, trying to compose herself. She knew Specks could react in a explosive manner, but she thought she would tell him the truth immediately.

”I think you the father.” Specks gasped, leaned back into the chair, and away he went. Fainting again…this time without a warning. Remo looked at him shocked, this was the second time he fainted after hearing news about a baby.



Chapter fourteen: Bad and Good news


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