There is something exhilerating about doing what you love. Some people find joy in going to work, where they do various things. Some enjoy relaxing and taking in nature and its beauties. Some enjoy the rush from doing dangerous sports. Some enjoy the high of excitement, while others like Specks, enjoy scamming people for the pleasure of it. It has never been explained why Specks decided to take scamming so seriously as to make it a living, his means of life. So it is only fair his origins be told:

As you know reader, Specks did some of his scams in primary school, Kenneth being on of the only victims that got away, but most if not all fell for the scams and walked away with nothing but tails tucked inbetween their legs. He himself wasn’t the brightest kid in the class, but he had his talents, one of those talents was lieing, but he prefers to call it ‘misplacement of truth’. In primary school he was misplacing alot of truths so to speak. Even the school teachers had no idea he was lying about his asthma, which he used alot to excuse himself when he wanted to go to the toilet more often than the other kids. Or his lie about his transport coming an hour earlier every friday because the driver had to attend AA meetings. Such was his life as a kid, lieing to his parents, whom are still alive and well, and believe their child is working in the ‘consultation business’. He didn’t take it any further during those early day, mainly because he was still a kid, watching Goku from dragonballz charge up for three straight episodes, to his disdain, and the villian always cocky enough to allow him to do so. He learned to never give his enemy time to ‘charge up’ at all. Beat them while they weak, less work and drama, saves time even. Those were his ways, but as time they changed, like everything does.
The dirty work began in high school, grade eight, boarding school. Let no one fool you reader, boarding school is not for the faint hearted, no sissy boys, and cry babies, no fatties and definetly no geeks. But you learn to grow into yourself during those years, and what you good at will show very quickly in boarding school. Specks was good with alot of things, maths, business studies, athletics, chess and the occasional girl hunting, but he excelled in one particular field of ‘expertise’, scamming other students. Once he convinced students he was promoting a local musician, selling discs at R50 a copy (pirated copy), convincing students his album is sold for three times as much in music retail stores. The thrill gave him pleasure, and the pleasure made his hunger grow. By the time he reached his matric grade, Specks was no longer scamming school kids, but teachers and adults with pyramid schemes, church donations, insurance deals etc.

Now reader, with that bried history in your mind, let us return to our Specks, who is intent on hurting Kenneth where it really hurts, his pocket. There is nothing more devastating than a rich, wealthy person loosing everything they worked for over a short period of time.

”Remo, I need you to help me with this gig, and I trust you, you the best of the fielf girls. I’ll ask the rest of the guys I want for this job than we leaving this house, to set up shop for the gig, are you with me? asking her with conviction, easily comparable to a viking. ”You know I’d do anything for you Nako, anything. Well not anything, but you get what I mean” she said laughing a bit to eaze the tension created by Specks. ”Good” he replied while getting out of bed. ”I’ve wrote sms’s to Jason, Kril and Keys, they coming with us.” ”Where we going again?” asked Remo like a child, she didn’t enjoy not knowing the plan.

”Hahaha, we going to the surburbs, Santon. To take down a big man, we have to wear big shoes” he said while closing the door. Remo following behind him like a queen protecting a king.



Chapter eleven: The origins


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