It sometimes dawns on you quite late into your life that you really cant predict life, you cant even predict what’s going to happen in the next hour. People spend their lives planning for the future. Life insurance, funeral cover, holiday retreats, birthday bashes, and it hits them on that day that, no matter how hard one tries, a person really has no power over what happens in their lives, although it doesnt stop them from trying, that is the result of the human spirit.

Specks had never really thought about what he and Remo had, because it would complicate things. He knew though, deep down somewhere in his cold calculating heart that he couldn’t let this woman go. Something about her demanded him to stop her. She couldnt leave he thought to himself, she had promised to see this through to the end. But wasn’t this the end. Wasn’t the finding of Mpho the promise. She was found, so what should keep her at his side, on the crews side. Jealousy. He wanted her all to himself and no one else. She wasn’t an object to him, she was his limb, she was now part of him, they had slept together he pinned the idea in his head. WHAT ABOUT MPHO, the conscious returned. Are you not in love with Mpho, are you not happy with her, did you not sacrifice your life for her, she loves you and no one else. ‘does she really’, he asked himself. The thought alone crushed his heart.

”I have to go, I will stay in touch. Urgent matters have come up back home” said Remo heading for the living room door. ”Home?” asked Specks, realisizing she had never told him where her home was, everyone in the crew had, or has a home, everyone. Where they come from, the place they will never forget. ”Why are you leaving ?” asked Mpho with a hint of disdain. Remo looked at her with a look that no crew sisters shared, it was a ‘back off or I’ll hurt you’ look. The girls who where standing huddled in a group looked shattered, eyes glassy with drops of tears. Angilica went to Remo and hugged her, without hesitation followed Kamo, Jason kissed her cheeks like an old english man, Kril gave her a hug and one perculiar flake from the kelloggs box. Keys made his way to her and hugged her aswell. After a minute it was only Specks, Remo and Mpho in the room. Remo had tears in her eyes, she placed her bags down, with a sign of agitation, it looked as if she was offloading baggage of her shoulders, but in a more spiritual manner than a physical one. Specks got the feeling she was about to say something. And BAMMM!!! Mpho hit the table. ” Don’t you dare tell him Remo, it is not your place to tell him.” As Remo was about to reply Jason walked in with a cellphone in his hand, as if the cellphone was pulling him towards the three people in the kitchen. ”Tell me what?” Specks put in, now fidgetting with curiousity.”Tell me what Mpho?” he asked again, now heading for Mpho’s throat again. Jason reached them, ”Specks, it’s for you… Its him.” Specks turned around and looked at Jason looking ashy. ”Him being who J?”asked Specks.

”Kenneth” replied Jason without a speck of humour.



Chapter eight: Kenneth returns


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